We have the honor to represent a exclusive selection of renowned illustrators.  

These prestigious and exceptionally talented visual communicators have created advertising campaigns, posters, editorial, books covers, concept art, merchandising, children’s books, and various amazing designs and visuals for clients in North America and Europe.

Luis San Vicente is an Illustrator and graphic designer. He has published several prized children’s books and produced a series of animated shorts for TV. Nowadays he coordinates the Photo-Art Department for the prestigious newspaper Reforma in Mexico City.  

Zoveck is an illustration and design studio integrated by Sonia Romero and Julio “Valiente” Carrasco. This creative partnership is responsible for the conception of a new baroque visual style that has been commissioned for editorial, corporate communication, web, and illustration projects in Mexico, US, France and Spain. Their work has been recognized by HOW Magazine, IDN, and Taschen’s Latin American Graphic Design, among others. 

Luis Pombo is a versatile illustrator and graphic designer based in Houston, TX. Since 1999, he has developed conceptual illustrations for publications such as magazines, pharmaceutical journals, newspapers, books and annual reports. His work has been published in Mexico, US and Spain.

Mr. Kone is an acclaimed illustrator and graphic artist based in Mexico City. His work has been commissioned by MTV, PepsiCo, Nike, Coca-Cola, Sony-BMG, Universal Music, Philip Morris, Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, Adidas, and Mini Cooper. Since 2001, he has presented numerous lectures and workshops. He currently leads visual communication projects in Mexico, US, Chile, and Spain.